Intercultural understanding


I go to Nepal to give, but I don’t know if I have anything that the women and midwives of Nepal need or want.

I believe in myself. I believe in my skills as a midwife. But I am aware of the need to go humbly.

I go to Nepal to receive. I have no idea what….. An exciting mystery.

Aid and NGOs are all tied up with our histories of colonialism, expoitation and hubris. I am aware (and I thank Jennie Joseph for her input on this topic). I believe that “help” is a minefield. But I know that cultures can learn from each other and I trust that it will be a wild and thrilling journey.

New Opportunity to support mothers babies and midwives


Amanda Thomas at Providence Group Realty will list your home in the dallas area at a discounted price! Just donate that amount to my fundraiser for mothers, babies and midwives of Kathmandu Nepal.

For details of the offer click here:


See how the campaignj is going

Thank you all and love





Well, it’s been a super excellent day. I slept poorly with the campaign swirling around in my head and woke up to $580! Wow, what a fantastic beginning. Thanks to all of my first day people, magnificent.

Unfortunately, it seems that the link to the campaign on the blogpost did not work, although the link to the facebook page worked. That is sad so here is the link AGAIN.

Let’s keep it up tomorrow.

EXCITED! With Woman in Kathmandu: Launch tomorrow, July 16th.

Kathmandu here I come!

Kathmandu here I come!

In less than two months I will be in Nepal. I will be meeting the mother, babies, and midwives of the APS Birth Centre in Kathmandu. I will be learning from them, with them and about them, about birth in Kathmandu, about midwives in Kathmandu, about life for families in Kathmandu. Follow me on this blog as I write about it and upload pictures for you. Join my journey vicariously.