Do you know about anti-shock garments?


This is an anti-shock garment and it saves lives.  Hemorrhage is the number one cause of maternal death in poor countries.

This garment is simple to use. It forces remaining blood to vital organs, maintaining life until a woman can be given blood. In rural areas this is a godsend. It can also be very important in urban places like Kathmandu. Emergency ambulance services do not function as well and it is not as quick to get blood in a hospital. It costs $300. It is not in my budget, but now that I have surpassed my goal……. well, I would love to bring one with me.

Can you help?

The goal is in sight. Keep up the momentum.


Close to the goal. Mothers, babies and midwives in Kathmandu here I come! Thanks to all who have given and to those all those who have supported with love and spreading the word.

I am $200 away from my stated goal of $9800. There is still time to give! If I pass my goal, I give you my word that the money will be spent responsibly in the service of mothers, babies and midwives in Nepal. Keep it up to the end.

Remember, The facebook page and the blog With Woman in Kathmandu will remain even when the fundraiser is over in 16 days time. I will update with pictures and with journal entries. Follow me here!

Honored by your trust

open handtrustI

It’s one thing to decide to raise money for a campaign, and another I have discovered, to succeed in doing so. With Woman in Kathmandu has recieved several very large donations which bring me close to my goal. Not realizing ahead of time how I would feel as I recieve such generosity from others, I am very emotional about it. I now begin to understand that this trip which I undertake to learn about Nepalese midwives and mothers and to share myself with them, has become a huge reponsibility: to spend my time wisely and to use the money so trustingly placed in my hands with care and judgement. I undertake that duty. Thank you


I need books!


Do you have midwifery and maternity care books that you would like to donatae to the midwives of Nepal? I am looking particularly for Varney’s Pocket Midwife or other concise general texts and Penny Simkin’s The Birth Partner or Labor Progress Handbook. These or any other books from the last 10 years that you would pike to donate? Let me know.