2nd and 3rd days

Sleeping in!

Contacting midwives.

Seeing the Garden of dreams with a delightful local lady who told me here life story.



Third day….. Meetings! Kiran is the President of the Midwifery society of Nepal. Here we are:


Kiran is so busy and also so welcoming. She schedules all her meetings at the same time so we meet each other……. We did manage to chat about what They want me to do. She wants me to present Childbirth education material to the midwives….. Not done that in a while but why not? She wants me to present the material I have on mnaging and running a birth center, Quality Assurance etc Not sure who she want me to do that for. And pieces from some books I brought on evidence based care. She just sort of said “yes” to everything. “wonderful wonderful” We’lll see.

Afternoon to APS birth center. “Tikka” welcome



And here are some pics of the birth center. More details about that tomorrow (Back there in the morning)



Fresh water fo hand washing in the exam room

IMG_0170Midwives off to a home visit!

And tomorrow I will post pics of the birth room and give you more impressions. Time for bed.


5 comments on “2nd and 3rd days

  1. Abby says:

    Wonderful pics & updates! I’ll be praying for you and your trip!

  2. Saul Waranch says:

    Lunatic. A red dot on the third eye? What is next?

  3. barry waranch says:

    nice smiles on your face

  4. dinahw says:

    Thanks for comments….. Life is good.

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