Head exploding journey


6 days ago, a universe ago, I left Dallas. Time has no meaning. What date is it? What time is it? And of course, where am I?

All night flight to London. To the Tate Gallery (!!!!) with sister Sara who works there then the Day of Atonement, fasting and services evening and the next day. Sister Joanna arrives 10 pm what day? Who knows? Up chatting. Then to the airport. Air India didn’t charge heavy bags (Luck with me twice).  Decent all day flight. Delhi airport, 2:30 am (so they say). 5 hours to ? sleep. Managed one (great). Flight to…… oh where on earth am I going?…… Kathmandu!. Oh Lord!…… snow-capped Himalayas from the plane as we land. The city below in a bowl of mountains. Here I am. A different world. Creaky visa process. Lines . Clerks taking there time with their important business. Photocopies, passports, stamps. All official and correct and amazingly someone standing with a sign saying Dinah Waranch. That’s me! To a little guest house with a clean simple room. I am tired. My head is exploding. I am happy.



One comment on “Head exploding journey

  1. So happy for you on your great work . . . Looking forward to hearing all about it!

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