Tourism on a rainy festival Saturday

Ferst day of the Dashain holiday which is 15 days long! It seems day 1 days 7,8,9, and 10 are the highlights. Rituals and stories seem very complicated. Durga…. one of the many mothers, is the heroine and sacrifices play a part. Lots of people travel to be with family (It’s kind of like Christmas/Seder night I think) Lots of people were out shopping. Being both Saturday and a festival, I didn’t go to the birth center but instead, dedicated myself to Kathmandu tourism. Been here 3 weeks and decided it was high time to see the monkey temple. I did a lot of walking in the rain: Up to Swayambhunath (monkeys and staring eye stupa) and then back down over the river and through the alleyways to Durbar Square which I had visited on my first day in a jet-lagged fog. Great food and alleyways clogged with festival shoppers and back wet, muddy, satisfied.



impossible task of cleaning

impossible task of cleaningIMG_0498IMG_0502


4 comments on “Tourism on a rainy festival Saturday

  1. Sara Dibb says:

    It was great to speak with you.
    Please don’t forget getting me a nice ring! Happy to repay….do you remember I described the snail and duck ones? Hope the sun shines! XXXX S

    • dinahw says:

      So far rings have not looked promising. I will be going to Patan after the Dashain holiday which seems to be a good and recommended shopping place for those kinds of things

  2. Andrew says:

    How does the pig get into that distinguished company? What does it represent?

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