New directions

Birth center chugging along. Feeling that my work there is finishing off projects: making sure the brochure is printed, getting new towel rails by the sinks (goal to encourage handwashing), discussing with Rashmi the placement of the new Ganesh statue. But my focus the last couple of weeks has been more outward and a bit outside my comfort zone: the anti-shock garment, hospitals, doctors, NGOs and Government administrators. Very different.

My first foray into the hospital world was a low key effort: Did a class for nursing students and faculty at at Tribhuvan University. It was a lot of fun. They were warm and enthusiastic. Here are some of the students having fun with practising labor support.

practicing labor support

practising labor support

Tea with faculty afterwards


You may remember, that thanks to last minute donors I was able to bring a supercool neoprene and velcro device for stabilizing women who are in shock secondary to postpartum hemorrhage. Very enthusiastic about this simple thing that has been endorsed by the World Health Organization, has great outcomes in clinical trials but is virtually not used here in Nepal, where postpartum hemorrhage remains the number one cause of maternal mortality. So I put together a presentation on the device together with a bit of hands on training, and have been talking, telephoning, emailing, knocking on doors to spread the word. I have met some interesting people this way, and experienced lunch on the roof of the United Nations Fund for Population and a chauffered drive in a Government vehicle in which we drove through the middle of a preelection demonstration in Durbar Square. I did manage a presentation on the anti-shock garment at one of the hospitals, but whether I can really get a structure in place that will lead to training in use of the device, and incorporation into clinical practice is another matter.

Meanwhile, the elections took place yesterday and seem to have been largely peaceful with higher turnout than expected. The day was yet another holiday. This time the shut-down was total; a festive atmosphere of families wandering in the streets. Kiran, president of Midwifery Society of Nepal, invited me to lunch at her house where we talked for four hours…. all midwifery. went on the roof of her house to stare at the mountains through Russian communist era binoculars decorated with hammer and sickle. Ate dal bhat of course. Lots of tea of course.

A few pics.

election rally near the birth center

election rally near the birth center

from my window
from my window

baby massage on the street

baby massage on the street

The dentist's window

The dentist’s window

Below, false teeth. Above..... real ones!!!

Below, false teeth. Above….. real ones!!!

pahupathi. smokie rises from ghatts

pashupathi. smoke rises from ghatts

stoking the fire

stoking the fire

where the ghatts are for burning bodies

where the ghatts are for burning bodies

In every mini temple is....

In every mini temple is….

a "lingam" (phallic symbol)

a “lingam” (phallic symbol)

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  1. Andrew says:

    Very interesting and yummy too. Happy for you and bring back some recipes. We may turn vegans!? A&R

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