Wrapping up. Chapatis, tea and talk.

The staff meeting was to begin at 1:30. At 2pm people were beginning to gather. There seemed to be no agenda but we began. Everybody chatted and the agenda made itself apparent. Chapatis and spicey potatoes and cups of tea were brought in. People wandered in and out and at one point I thought I’d better give my prepared report on my visit. So I did. I wanted to avoid being rude and inappropriate, but the more I suggested the more they nudged me to be more direct. The staff received everything I said with such receptive kindness that it was humbling. Truly amazing how different behavior can be in another culture, and yet we really do understand and respect each other. There is something about the way things work here that is both frustrating and extremely refreshing at the same time. I will miss it. The slow pace is both pleasant and irritating by turns. Nothing happens and things surprise you and all of a sudden, it’s done. Birth can be like that too, can’t it?

I had my Dal Bhatt this evening, with the realization that I won’t be eating it many times more. I rode the bus on my 15 cent ride through the dirty streets knowing I would soon be breathing the marginally less polluted air of Texas. I walked through the throngs of pedestrians, narrowly missed by hooting motor bikers, knowing how much I would miss the street life, the noise and variety of Kathmandu in suburban Dallas.

Women are women, midwives are midwives, and birth is birth, but Nepali style it’s all a bit different, wonderfully so. Thank you Kathmandu. And lots of love.



7 comments on “Wrapping up. Chapatis, tea and talk.

  1. Sara Dibb says:

    Dinah, I have so enjoyed your blog. You really bring everything to life with great clarity and humour. I shall miss your messages, but look forward to seeing the real (?transformed) you next week
    XXXXXX Sara

  2. daniel says:

    Great writing!

  3. Gretchen Ort says:

    Dinah- what a journey! Thank you for sharing the beauty and the tragedy with us. It feels like it’s been much more than 3 1/2 months since we’ve seen your face. Looking forward to having a (new?) you back in Dallas. Take care of yourself as you settle back in. Hugs!


  4. Aashish Rijal says:

    great writing

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